Many of our clients are interested in taking college classes but are unsure of where to begin.  Many are interested in getting their learner's permit, but need someone to assist with studying the specifics. Others may have a job and are making money, but are not sure how to go about managing that money.

All of these life skills are essential towards building independence and developing our clients' futures. With assistance from our qualified team of Specialists we help develop educational goals and how to implement them into their program and their daily lives for success.

How we support client education

  • Interface & partner with Student Services at college campuses
  • Assistance with assignment organization/planning
  • Tutoring through public libraries & on campus
  • Money management skills
  • Studying for written DMV test
  • Studying for ServSafe certification

Make a Difference

If you are interested in joining our team and making a positive impact on the lives of our clients, please contact us for more information.

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